Thursday, November 10, 2016

Just my rambling thought 11.10.2016

People are afraid of change 
People catastrophize and go to extremes out of knee jerk fear based thoughts.
People do not like the uncertain future 
And the feeling of being out of control.
It's a snowball effect.
People lack the proper ability to communicate and emote effectively when in a fearful state or when biased thoughts cloud and close the mind or when we don't utilize critical thinking skills.  

We are all guilty in this. We are all united regarding the above!

Our society is in fight flight or freeze mode that much is clear. I have been talking with some friends, listening to perspectives and options. Some people want to leave the country and are serious about. I even thought about leaving. I urge to to stay. I urge you to not leave others behind, but to stand, stay and do the work. 
There are real concerns to be had in the upcoming years. We will have a lot to lear from one another. Our President will have a lot to learn and we need to use our united voices to help him hear and understand us.
I also urge everyone to stop blaming or looking for a source to blame. Blame will only perpetuate fear, anger and hate. Start with accountability, within yourself, your family and other relationships. Heal those areas. Set the example of kindness and understanding. Open your mind to other points of view. Learn to problem solve. We have to meet each other half way. Our future is too valuable to be closed minded. We as people are too valuable to do nothing but shut each other down. 
Finally, within all of this, find one or two issues that you feel passionately about and focus on fighting for the best solution, not greediest or self-serving solution but the solution that empowers individuals, lifts us up, unites us as a Human Race.