Tuesday, November 6, 2012

When You Can't Taste the Lemonade Through the Lemons

  November 6, 2012                  

 When you can't taste the lemonade through the lemons

Many of us are still struggling to recover from job loss. Many people are still facing job loss, or are just unable to find a job, seal the deal or just become motivated to try again after many rejections. Perhaps you are not in this category. Perhaps you are on disability and your situation is just getting you down. Whatever your reason for frustration and disappointment, the fact remains that sometimes it is just plain difficult to remain optimistic. It is at this moment when the forward momentum becomes threatened. 

It has always been my belief that life’s disappointments, I prefer to call them challenges, may in fact be preparation for something even more significant in our lives. This belief has the best chance of coming true when you make a demonstrated commitment to learn and grow from your present day circumstances. I know from experience that what I continue to put my focus on is often what I seem to get in life.  I have had my fair share of challenges in the last four months. Looking ahead I know there is more to come, it seems I have a slight addiction to challenge. However, the belief of  "challenges as preparation" is something I hold near and dear to my heart. I know that the purpose of it is to use what I've learned as a way to help others. To pay the lesson forward. 

So take heart and think about it. What challenge is calling you to action? What are you being invited to learn? What qualities of character will be strengthened or developed? 

 ~*~ Make it Happen Challenge ~*~
Choose one thing that you feel disappointed about, frustrated by, or fearful of and if there is more than one thing repeat this for each frustration. Now, ask yourself the following questions:

1. If this were happening to help strengthen a part of me, which part would it be?

2. What lesson can I learn from this experience?

3. How is facing this obstacle teaching me important skills that can be used to help others?

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