Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flowing with Intuition

Flowing with Your Intuition
January 15, 2013

This week I really had no direction on what I was going to write about. Life has been busy and I have been a bit under the weather. Work schedules have changed, as my school schedule is now dictating life for a bit. I started writing about following your intuition. Then I started writing about balance. Then I was thinking about writing about journaling and reflecting on what we already know. Then I went back to balancing acts. You get it right? I’ve been all over the board with this week. So, as I’ve been going through the week I just kept putting it off, listening to that little voice inside my head that kept telling me not to decide on a topic just yet. Meanwhile, my internal stress level kept rising as I came closer to my self-imposed deadline.

Earlier this week I began my CPR and First aid training for my internship. USC placed me with a foster agency. For a student it really wasn’t the most ideal situation. I would be working out of the house, doing some case management and community work, but it was not clear as to how I would be meeting the learning objectives. I had some serious internal red flags and doubts. Of course I would rise to the challenge and make the most of it, but would it really be the best situation? I was given a ton of paper work to fill out. Training to do, a health exam, live scan fingerprints etc. Originally, I had planned to complete it all as soon as possible and fax it back immediately. But as time went on, I started to feel uneasy about the whole thing. Not just nervous, butterflies in the stomach uneasy but, this really doesn’t set well, something’s fishy uneasy. Yesterday I realized that I was actually putting off faxing the papers over. 

However, today I was given the news that I will not be placed with the agency at all. Apparently, in the past couple weeks USC faculty have been looking over my file and the actual agency and decided that the agency was not a good fit for me. I am so relieved and just amazed at how the universe operates. I am also more amazed at how listening to my intuition just syncs up with the universe.

It’s not like this is a new lesson for me, but more like a reminder. When you trust your instincts life just seems to flow. Trusting your gut is really about following your subconscious thoughts, which in many times, are often right. However, if you tend to over think thing too much, you stray from those initial inner thoughts.
You can begin to follow your mind by keeping these tips in mind:

Trust your subconscious thoughts: They make up your initial instincts and they’re close to your heart. You know that the truth will be revealed to you if you give yourself enough time. Learn to trust yourself. 

Go with what feels right: don’t be afraid to take action towards the things that feel right. If something feels off to you, you can stop and explore the reasons why. It always starts with a feeling. Go in the direction of your positive feelings.

Avoid over thinking: Sometimes your mind can get away from you and start cycling through negative thoughts. Take deep breaths and get back into a positive mindset so that you can see your true path more clearly.

Intuition Flow Challenge

For the next week, or longer if you like, keep a journal with you. Write down any thoughts that seem to keep surfacing around an issue that you are concerned about. This is not about writing down your worries this is more like noticing that one or two particular thoughts keep popping up. For example as I made mental notes to fax those papers a voice/thought would pop up and say “just hold off on that a bit”, “don’t do that quite yet”. Then write down any following events that seem to play out. In my case I would write down that my placement changed, and then my new placement and my feelings around that. You might just find out that everything happens for a reason. 

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