Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Loving Yourself So You Can Love Everyone Else

Loving Yourself So You Can Love Everyone Else

There are a few simple necessities that I need to start my day off right. I have to have a nice warm shower. I need a nice hot cup of early grey tea with honey a splash of milk and a dash of cinnamon and a piece of toast with butter and peanut butter. That is my morning ritual of self-love and happiness. There are two parts of my day that I completely relish. The morning and the evening are my sanctuary, my chance to set the tone for the day and rewrite the ending. Although there are plenty of things to inspire me throughout the day the beginning and the end allow me to settle into my true self. These are the best moments of the day. These are the moments when I can truly focus on self-care and self-love so I am prepared to support others in my life. These are the moments when, as I am sitting, I can finally focus on my breath and truly releasing tension.

You see, when I am stressed I find that I hold my breath a bit. I start breathing shallow breathes from my chest rather than deep full breaths from my diaphragm. I hold tension in my face, my shoulders and my stomach and pelvic area. The mornings and the evening I practice proper breathing and fully relaxing. You would be amazed at the difference this will make in relieving anxiety and proper body function.

You’re Alive but are You Breathing

Proper breath starts with the belly. As you breath in through the nose, take the breath, nice and slow, all the way into your belly as it expands like a balloon. When you are breathing out watch your belly deflate, as you blow the breath out, as if you are blowing out a candle. Inhale again and repeat. As you practice this notice how stressful thoughts melt away as you are solely focusing on inhaling and the exhaling. Notice how your heart rate is now syncing up with your breath. Your hands and feet are becoming warmer as blood flow increases.

You’re Relaxing but are You Releasing 

As you are winding down tonight, or at any point in the day when you are taking some time to yourself (and please do). Take some time to notice where you are holding tension in your body. Focus on your face. Let the tension in your forehead, around your eyes and mouth drop. Let your shoulders drop, that is, move them as far away from your ears as possible. Now put your focus in your gut and pelvic region and let it drop. This one may be a little difficult for some so think about Not holding in your stomach. That’s right; flop that belly out and let it expand.

Flop and Drop Challenge

Today I challenge you to notice where you are holding your tension. Acknowledge that tension and thank it for serving its purpose. Next, I challenge you to try the above techniques. Not only will this help to release the anxiety and stress of the day but also it will bring you back to yourself. As you are busy taking care of others today send some love your own way. 

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